Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The ULTIMATE Solution To Cheryl's Birthday Puzzle - Made Simple

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Some Easter Memories

When I was little my grandfather, who was widowed for a very long time, used to come visit us every Easter. Every year he would give us these large, hard and sugared eggs wrapped in cellophane that contained small heart-shaped tokens also made of sugar with words printed on them. They made a hollow 'clinking' sound when you shook them. You know the ones.

When he gave them to us we weren't too keen. As children we enjoyed the chocolate eggs, and these large and heavy 'old fashioned' eggs that he gave each year where our least favourite and yet, year by year, he would come and hand them over to us. To him, I think these meant Easter most of all. I remember my mother often making us come over to thank him for these unwanted gifts. He continued to do this year in and year out, even when we were emerging into young adults. He would always remember us and go out of his way to buy these eggs, even when money for him was scarce.

And now it is one of my favourite childhood memories of Easter. Those sugary, hard eggs that no one liked. Taking on the role for our grandmother, his wife, who passed on very early and whom I'm sure would have done that for us. And when the chocolate ones were well and truly eaten, and still we craved more sweets, I remember almost breaking our teeth as we tried to eat those unwanted eggs - as a last resort. But more often than not they were left untouched and eventually swept away into the rubbish.

I remember the strong smell of the sugar, and the pale pastel colours of the icing.

He is now long gone, my grandfather. But as I think about these things, I realise that it's not about the chocolate, or the eggs, or even finding the right gift for each other at Easter time. It is about family. It is about new and continuing life. It is about knowing that within the most hardened and unassuming shell can be found the sweetest of hearts with a message of love printed for all to see.

And for me, it is about an old, kind and lonely man who felt he could share a few sugary eggs each year with his grandchildren as a way of reaching out and connecting and making our Easter a lovely time.

To me now, it really means so much more.

Those sugared eggs of his.

If only he was here so I could tell him how I now feel.

RINGS RINGS or The Ring Removal Song

sung to Ring Ring by the amazing Swedish pop group ABBA

I was sitting all alone
With my Malden and my phone
And then some evil thoughts started crowding in about me.
It's a dark and dreary night
Seems the rings just don't seem right
So I wonder if I am brave enough to cut you?

Do I really have the thi-ings?
To extract those rotten rings 

Rings, rings, why do you get in the way?l?
Rings, rings, catching my fingers all day
Rings, rings, if only you'd just go away
And I sit all alone impatiently
With an inn-o-cent Malden in front of me
So, rings, rings, it looks like your taking a fall!
So, rings, rings, its ringectomy time after all!

They were here and now they're gone
Hey did I do something wrong?
I just can't believe that I could be so badly mistaken
Was it really such a thrill?
To remove you with my drill?
Will you hear me cry or will I feel I'm mistaken

Please forgive this mortal sin
As I chuck you in the bin, oh-oh

Rings, rings, You came out without a fight!
Rings, rings, the buffalo leather feels right.
Rings, rings, you've now been replaced with a strap
And I gaze at the Malden without it's rings
And I smile to myself and start to sing
Ho ho rings, rings, I didn't need you like I thought!
So-o, rings, rings, my Moleskines sit perfectly taught.
Oh-oh, rings, rings, some folks think I acted too rash.
So, rings, rings, enjoy your new life in the trash!


Using Filofaxes As Journals - My Journey

Here are my latest videos on how I use my two Filofaxes in my journaling.

Using Filofaxes For Journals Part 1

Using Filofaxes for Journals Part 2

Or better still watch them here...

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Fishy Tale

I proudly showed my Pocket Ochre Malden to my neighbour who noticed I was carrying it and asked to see it.

He took it, 

examined it, 

felt it well in his hands

rubbed his fingers over the outside thoughtfully

and remarked:

"Now that's some nice leather there. Reminds me of the over-tanned skin on the back of an old sun-dried fisherman!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What Gets Your Awe?

In the early and heady days of the 1980's, ringed leather planners emerged and a trend developed.
I remember my attention being grabbed by Tess's overstuffed personal binder in 'Working Girl'  and the hilarious zip line antics in 'Taking Care of Business'.
And I wanted to have one.

I was bitten.

As a student, the expensive, overseas-made and  authentic Filofaxes were a little out of my price range.

I found some cheaper, mass market, vinyl planners which I pretended to use and pass off as a Filofax but I knew I couldn't keep up the charade for too long.
In the late 80's my sister gave me a genuine black leather personal-size Filofax and I never looked back.
I had made it.
I had one.

So move ahead to the 2010's.
You can pick up authentic (albeit used) Filofaxes at the Goodwill store for a couple of dollars.
You can bargain on eBay and Gumtree and now even get your desired planner from swap sites and of course, the Philofaxy Adspot page.
And the selection of other brand binders has hit the roof.
Why you can even design your own online!
We live in the age of planners!

So here's my question.....

What planner keeps you in AWE?
What brand tickles your fancy and makes you go Gaga?
What one gives you that ambitious Hunger Games look in your eyes and brings on a slight drool as everything stops in stasis while you see it - no 'visualise' yourself using it in your mind?

You're tanning, one hand dipping into the edge of the water.
Your planner is open and a tequila daiquiri sits next to it.
The ink of your last entry still glistens in the words 'Fashion Show - Milan!'.
Some Kenny G song is playing in the background.
The waiter comes up to you with a phone on a tray saying - "Sir/Ma'am - it's the President on Line Two.......".

This is not a 'Unicorn' thing I am talking about.
This is just one that grabs you.
Makes you dream and swoon.
Makes you just sit there and be in awe?
Do you have one?
Share your dream if you like.

Here are some of mine.....

The Berluti Macassar - perfection!

Graf von Faber-Castell Leather Accessories Brown Grained Organiser
Louis Vuitton, Filofax